Sesaganaga Lake Ontario Walleyes

A few weeks back I flew up to Seseganaga Lake Ontario with five other guys.  What a blast.  It’s been a few years since I flew up into Canada, and this was some of the better fishing I’ve ever had…for walleyes anyway.We few into Seseganaga Lake on the 23rd of July.  Our outfitter was Rusty Myers out of Ft. Francis just across the border from International Falls, MN.  Our outpost on Seseganaga Lake was set up great, and we were more than comfortable there.  Now, back to the fishing.  Our walleyes were caught mostly on either jigs or live bait rigs, and we had both leeches and fat heads with us.  Both can be bought after crossing the boarder on the way to Rusty Myers.

Since pictures tell a better story…here’s how it went:

You know you are in fishing country when this is the parking lot.

Our weather for take off. Yikes!

In the plane, ready for takeoff.

One of my first Seseganaga Walleyes

Geared up for Seseganaga Lake Trout, but none to be had.

John with a nice Seseganaga walleye

John with a nice 30 inch northern

Another nice Seseganaga walleye

Our limit of walleyes for the day






































































I have a bunch more photos, so look for another Seseganaga fishing post sometime in the future.  I’ll need some fishing to look back on early winter before I can get out on the ice.

All in, we figured we caught about 300-400 walleyes, 40 northers and a token perch for the trip.  Sad to say no Lake Trout, but those Seseganaga lakers were hard to find.


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