Red River Catfish Q&A with Brad Durick

As I said in a previous post about fishing Catfish on the Red River, I’m no expert.  In fact, last year was the first year I started putting my boat on the river.  So with that said, I’m always trying to learn more about the river, fishing techniques and the finer points of Red River fishing.

Last week I reached out to Brad Durick of Brad Durick Outdoors.  He runs a guide service up in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  I was looking through his website, and man, that guy can catch fish…big fish.  I asked Brad if he would be willing to share some of his wisdom with me, and he happily agreed.  I have never met Brad in person, but I’ve read his Red River fishing reports for the past couple years.  I think it says alot about a guy and his love for fishing and the Red River when he takes time out of his busy day to answer a few questions from a guy he has never met.  Kudos to Brad.  We need more teachers like him out there.  So with that, here are a few of the questions that I threw at him:


Question:  Typically, what time of year is best to target Red River Catfish?

Answer:  We used to say the best time of year is spring during the pre-spawn, and it can be great but we have found that fish can be caught all throughout the year. (Right now is the best fishing I have seen in two years.)

Question:  Do you have a few “honey holes” that consistently produce fish?

Answer:  In this day and age of quick rises and falls of water levels you must be willing to move with the fish.  The days of going to the “old hole” and catching fish are over.

Question:  What would be the best advice you could give to someone new to fishing Catfish on the Red River?

Answer:  Be willing to move often and try different baits.  Bait preference can change from day to day or in the case of the past two weeks time of day to time of day. It seems sucker works better during the day and frog works better at dusk and after dark.


Like I said, I’m no expert, and learning from seasoned experts is what I love to do.  I can tell you that last year I found myself sitting in spots I thought should hold fish for way too long.  I need to move more often, Brad made that very clear.

I’ve been traveling way too much, but I’m hoping things settle down in my schedule so I can enjoy some time on the river.  With any luck, I’ll be able to book a trip with Brad this fall and learn from the expert first hand.  I asked if I could share some Catfish pictures from his trips, and he graciously said I could, so take a look at some of these monster Catfish caught on Brad’s trips!

Chris Shields with a monster Catfish

Jake Bussolini's giant Catfish

A great Red River Catfish caught by Sally Elliott

Kirk Bierl with another Red River monster


For tons more pictures of huge Catfish from the Red River, you can see them in Brad’s photo gallery.

To close this post, I’ll use a great quote from Brad that I thought was really fitting, and anyone that fishes out there, no matter the species will relate.  “Just when you think you have these catfish figured out they prove you stupid.  Then you have to go back to the drawing board again.”  I want to say thank you to Brad Durick for sharing some of his wisdom with me.  It won’t go to waste.

If you are interested in being in a photo like you have seen in this post, I encourage you to give Brad a call and get out on the Red River.  Here is the link to the Brad Durick Outdoors website.


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  1. If you are ever in need of someone to head out looking for cats on the Red, let me know. I’ve got a couple of UglySticks that could use a workout! Great post and awesome photos!


  2. […] up and the fishing drops off for a bit, but I’ll still get a few trips out…mostly for Catfish on the Red River.  Not to fear, the ice will be forming before we know it and short rod season will be upon us! […]


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  4. “Red River Catfish Q&A with Brad Durick The Fishing Foodie” ended up being a
    terrific article. If perhaps it owned much more photographs
    it would probably be perhaps even more effective. Thank u ,Corinne


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