Where them Muskies at?

Blake with a nice Muskie

Later today I’m heading to the Alexandria, Minnesota area to hunt for some Muskies.  As you can probably guess from previous posts, walleye are typically my target.  Once or twice a year I meet up with my good friends Eric, Jon and Blake to go on a muskie hunt.  Eric and Jon target Muskie all summer long with bass mixed in between, so it is fun to head out with guys that have the right gear for the job.

We’ll hopefully get some time on the water tonight, and then we will be on the hunt all day Friday.  Our hope is to hit Lake Miltona on Thursday evening, but the forecast is for some pretty heavy winds on Friday, so we will probably head to Lobster for Friday’s adventure.  Lobster is a much smaller body of water and there is lots of sheltered areas to fish.

Hopefully I’ll be doing a post that has a picture of me with my first Muskie next week, but for now I’m just thrilled to have a long day on the water and show of my friends with their fish.

Eric with a 49 1/2 inch Muskie from last year's trip.

Tight lines!


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