Minnesota Muskies

Well, we spent last Thursday evening and Friday fishing hard with some success.  On Thursday night, Eric and I fished Lake Miltona by Alexandria, MN.  We were joined on Friday by Blake, Jon and Eli.  Thursday night Eric and I each managed to get a follow but couldn’t get anything to hit.

On Saturday the fishing turned around a bit.  Because it was so windy, we ended up fishing Lobster Lake.  We had two boats out hunting Muskies, and each boat had a few follows and a couple nice fish taking swipes at our baits.  In the late afternoon Blake went on a hot streak.  He first caught a 33 inch Muskie, and about 15 minutes later, he managed a really nice 41 inch Muskie.  Both fish came on a buzz bait.  We managed to get several Northerns and a few Bass on our big muskie baits too, so that kept things interesting.  We threw Bulldogs, Double Cowgirls, a variety of top water baits and big spinner baits, but in the end the buzz bait is what worked.  As luck would have it, we only had one of them between both boats, so Blake had the luck bait!  We didn’t get the monster Muskie like last year, but it was a great day on the water with my long time friends, and I’m already looking forward to next fall’s Muskie adventure!

Blake with a nice 41 inch Muskie

This trip is always bitter sweet for me.  I love getting together with my good friends from college to fish, but this trip always marks the time of year when family activities pick up and the fishing drops off for a bit, but I’ll still get a few trips out…mostly for Catfish on the Red River.  Not to fear, the ice will be forming before we know it and short rod season will be upon us!


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