Steakhouse Saskatchewan Style

Earlier this week I was in Regina Saskatchewan speaking to the fine folks at Farm Credit Canada about social media.  After the sessions were done for the day, they invited me on a progressive dinner with their team.  It was a blast, and a bit of a new experience for me.

After some drinks and Appetizers at Regina Beach, we headed to Lumsden Hotel and Steak Pit for dinner.  What a fun experience.  Besides being with a great group of people, the dinner was an experience as well.  In a nutshell, there was a bunch of steaks, a big indoor grill, and the rest is up to you.  Along with a salad and potato bar, it was a great meal.  It took a while to get about 90 steaks cooked, but that was just fine.  It gave us more time to talk, tell stores and just have some fun.  Because we couldn’t fit 90 of us at the grill, we broke into groups and appointed a grill master.  Edwardo was ours, and he cooked me a perfect medium rare steak.  Nice work Edwardo.

Master chefs at work

Once dinner was done, we hopped back on the bus and went to Silver’s Steakhouse in Regina for dessert.  We had a fabulous cherry pie that was made with local Saskatchewan cherries that were wonderful.  Nothing fancy, just great tasting pie.

Thanks to all the fine marketing folks at Farm Credit Canada for a great day and a great evening!


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