Do you buy organic food?

Tell Me Tuesday.  There is so much hype around organic food and what organic really means.  I thought it would be interesting to find out what all of you really think.  Voting is great, but I’d love to hear your comments about the food you eat and if organic is important to you.


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  1. Hi Foodie!

    I saw this post and couldn’t help myself. Limerock Orchards is in the process of becoming organically certified right now, so it caught my eye.

    We have farmed organically for years, not because it is trendy or cool, but because it’s the best way to manage our particular orchard. It seems that a lot of folks think that everything should be organic, but the reality is that there are growing regions all over the state that need different inputs to be successful.

    The hard truth is that not everyone can make ends meet without man-made products. We’re OK with that and respect plenty of organic and non-organic farmers alike that manage their resources, and inputs, appropriately. Not all conventional farmers are abusing their environment and customers, just as not all organic farmers are using their resources responsibly.

    If people want to buy organic because it makes them feel better, I’m all for it, but I think what’s most important is trying to be more involved as a consumer and getting to know the people feeding you and your family. An organic certified logo is a start, but I think people will find that really knowing what that particular brand stands for is much more rewarding than relying on a certification program.

    Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and best of luck!

    Limerock Orchards


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