Tarpon, Tripletail and Mackerel….Oh My!

Well, it is that time of year.  The kids are back in school and busy with activities, the shore front at the lake has been put away for the winter and ice hasn’t formed yet.  It is that typical lull in the fishing season that drives me crazy.  If it wasn’t for the upcoming deer hunt I might go nuts.  It’s times like this that I like to look back on past fishing trips and just re-live them in my mind.  That’s what is happening in this post.

My first Spanish Mackerel

I got the opportunity to head down to Ft. Myers, Florida for three fantastic days of fishing with my good friend and regular fishing buddy John.  It was right smack in the middle of prime Tarpon season and we took full advantage of it.  Our first day of fishing we went out with Captain Chris of Venture Out Charters based in Cape Coral, Florida.  In the morning we targeted Tarpon hooking into one, and then we switched gears and went for some delicious Tripletail.  We hooked into several and had a blast.

The second two days we were with Captain George (young George) and we hit the Tarpon hard.  We hooked into a total of 5 Tarpon those last two days and man those things wore us out.  They averaged about 125 pounds and our largest was close to 140.  After the 5th one, we were so exhausted we changed gears and tried our hand at some sharks.  We found a few smaller ones (my first ever), and also managed a mixed bag of other fish including some Spanish Mackerel and Sea Cats.

This Tarpon was giving me all I could handle!

The shot of the day! Beautiful Tarpon jump.

Baby Blacktip Shark, but my first shark ever.

One tail, two tail, three tail. Must be a Tripletail.

Another huge Tarpon jump. Sanibel Island in the background.

John with a nice Spanish Mackerel.

John and Captain George crusing in after a day of great fishing.

John and Dale haning out in our lodging for the trip. (It was fantastic)

Looking through the pictures of the trip last night I got excited for my next fishing adventure and just wanted to share a bit about the trip and some of the photos.  I’ve been back to Ft. Myers on a fishing trip since, so I’d be willing to bet there will be another post talking about that one before too long (or at least before there is enough ice to share more current experiences).


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