Ixtapa Mexico, A Fishing Trip From The Past

In the past week I’ve set up an ice fishing trip for early January and on the other extreme booked a trip to Exuma in the Bahamas for a week of family fun and fishing.  What I have not done in the past week (or several weeks for that matter) is done any fishing.  It is about this time each year that I start looking forward to the ice forming, but also look back and smile on fishing trips of the past.  This post is about one such trip.

The harbor in Zihuatanejo

My wife and I took a vacation to Ixtapa, Mexico a few years back.  Just like every other trip to some tropical place we go to, I somehow managed to talk her into going out for a day of fishing.  I didn’t have lots of faith in our captain and first mate after we got there.  I tried asking them what types of fish we could expect to get, or at least what we were targeting.  To say their English was a bit shaky was putting it mildly, but hey, we were in Mexico, that is to be expected.  Fortunately, my wife is fluent, so she was my translator for the day.    They didn’t really seem to have any idea what fish we were targeting.  Basically, the just drove out a couple miles, put a set of lines in the water and just kept driving.

My first Blackfin Tuna

If I remember correctly, and I’m pretty sure I do, they set a couple artificial squid baits on the outer sets along the surface, inside of those they ran a couple diving crank baits, and up the middle they had a trolling weight with a rigged up Ballyhoo.

Well, my attitude changed rather quickly.  Within the first 10 minutes, I had my first fish on.  It wasn’t only my first fish, but it was my first Tuna ever, and I have been dreaming of Tuna ever since.  My first one of the day was a nice little Blackfin Tuna and for its size, put up a heck of a fight.  The fish just kept coming.  We ended up with 8-10 Tuna, about half being Blackfin and half being Yellowfin.

Ann with her first Blackfin Tuna

My first Yellowfin Tuna













Toward the end of our trip another line went screaming out, but the guides acted differently than with all the Tuna.  They were pretty casual about them having a good time and weren’t in much of a hurry.  This one was different, and I soon saw why.  Out of the water shot a beautiful Sailfish, which we later learned was over 7 1/2 feet long.  They told my wife that they had no idea why it was in this close, and that we should take turns fighting it so we all had a chance.  That is exactly what we did.  After about 30 minutes we had the fish up to the boat.

What happened next still makes me sad.  As great as it was to be able to take a picture with the beautiful Sailfish, I would much rather that it swam away to fight another day.  As soon as the fish got close to the boat, the captain and first mate took out clubs and whaled on it for a minute until it quit moving.  They turned around smiling and said their brother is a taxidermist and he could take care of it for us.  We had no intension of mounting the fish, and I really wish they would have asked before the killed such a beautiful creature.

What a beautiful fish!

In the end, it was a trip I’ll never forget.  My first Blackfin Tuna, my first Yellowfin Tuna and my first Sailfish all came on that trip.  I am thankful to this day that I had such a fantastic day on the water and that I got to share those memories with my Ann, my wife.  It is a trip neither of us will ever forget.

I’m hoping our trip to Exuma, Bahamas will be as productive as this one so we can share more stories and make more great memories.


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