Maxwells Restaurant in Fargo, North Dakota

My wife and I went to Maxwells Restaurant for our 11 year anniversary dinner.  I don’t have the budget to get there too often, but it is hands down the best food in the Fargo-Moorhead area.  Chef Mike does an amazing job blending flavors and creating beautiful, and delicious dishes. I have yet to find a dish I don’t love at Maxwells, and they have a great wine list to pair with whatever looks great on the menu.

We started our dinner out with Pan Roasted Prosciutto Wrapped Day Boat Scallops in a Lobster-Red Curry Sauce.  I have to admit there were 5 big scallops on this dish when it came out, but we were so hungry two got eaten before I got the camera out.  Oops.

The Scallops were followed by a delicate, and beautiful Marlin with a mango chutney for my wife and a Beef Fillet with chilli dusted fried onions and balsamic glazed shallots with whipped potatoes.  Delicious.

We finished the meal with an absolutely fantastic chocolate lava cake with vanilla bean ice cream.  One of these days I’ll bring my good camera with me to restaurants (if my wife will let me, she thinks it is weird to take pictures of my food at restaurants), but for now, while my pictures won’t do the food justice, I can say that dinner at Maxwells was fantastic as usual.

If you are looking for a great burger, this isn’t the place for you (go to J.L. Beers for that), but if if you are looking for the best quality food, prepared to perfection, Maxwells in Fargo is the place to go.  No question about it.


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