Wahoo – Fun To Catch, Great To Eat

Curacao WahooI can’t say how excited I am for my upcoming trip to the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas.  We have a day of sport fishing already booked with Captain Robert Thompson of Robert’s Island Adventures.  In addition to that, we also have our own boat reserved for a day of jumping from beach to beach as well as some reef fishing mixed in.  Hoping to also get another day of fishing/spearing in if possible.  Look for a post or two from that trip in the near future.  Hopefully there will be some great pictures of monster Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and if I’m lucky a a Marlin or Tuna.

Thinking about my upcoming trip got me thinking about my last trip that involved some sport fishing.  I was down in Curacao, which is part of the Netherlands Antilles just north of Venezuela.  I spent a day on the sportfishing boat “Second Chance” targeting Wahoo, and I was fortunate to hook up with the first and only Wahoo of my life (hopefully that will change soon).  We ran a variety of baits on the spread, but the Ballyhoo (I think) was on the majority of the lines, and that is also the bait that produced my fish.  The crew on the Second Chance was great and we had a good time.  I wish we would have gotten into more fish, but that’s how it goes.

Here are some pictures from the trip:

Second Chance Fishing Charter Curacao

Second Chace Sportfishing Boat


Getting the Ballyhoo all ready to go

Deep sea fishing in Curacao

Lines are all set

Curacao Wahoo

My first Wahoo!

Cleaning the Wahoo

That is going to be some good eating!

We stayed at the Scuba Lodge in Curacao for our 10 year anniversary.  It was a fantastic bed and breakfast, and they took fantastic care of us.  I would recommend them to anyone!  The accommodations were great, and the staff was absolutely fantastic!

After catching my Wahoo, they let me have the run of their kitchen to make an anniversary dinner for Ann.  It was a fantastic time, and we had a fantastic dinner.  The starter consisted of Wahoo medallions with a Balsamic reduction, and the main course was Wahoo tacos with black beans and salsa fresca.  What a great way to celebrate our anniversary and also my first Wahoo!

Wahoo medallions with balsamic reduction

Wahoo medallions with a balsomic reduction

Wahoo tacos with black beans and salsa fresca

Wahoo tacos with black beans and salsa fresca

Dinner in Curacao

What a great end to a great day!


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