About Me

I’m Josh Lysne.  By day I work as a digital strategist.  I’m a husband, and father of two beautiful kids.  In my free time, fishing and cooking are at the top of my list.

I love to fish all over the world, but Minnesota is home and where most of my fishing happens.  Walleye are always at the top of my list, but the occasional bass, muskie, catfish and northern trips happen from time to time.

Hopefully my blog might teach you a few things, give you some new ideas, and most of all give you that itch to get on the water!

Cooking is also a passion of mine.  I love to use fresh ingredients, and no two meals are the same.  Recipes might give me inspiration, but they are never followed.

I hope my blog will inspire you to cook new things, try new ingredients and have fun in the kitchen.  Please share your experiences with me, I love swapping stories!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Would like to copy your Bahama story on my blog http://exumatimes.com/blog. permission requested


  2. Not a problem at all. I appreciate you reading my blog, and feel free to post a copy to your site.


  3. […] stillservedwarm.com Lunch at Dametra Cafe in Carmel California Josh Lysne – October 11, […]


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